Designing the website of the author of the book Tetyana Kharitonova


Create a website design and take into account all the requirements in the TOR. The site will be made on the WIX platform only using standard WIX elements and this should be taken into account in the design.

Tatyana Kharitonov

  • Study of the client’s technical specifications;
  • Analysis of competitors in the niche;
  • Creating a list of advantages and features for the website;
  • Development of the page structure and the site itself;
  • Website design development;
  • Delivery of the project to the client.
дизайн сайту для автора книги тетяни харитонової головна перший екран
2 другий блок
3 третій блок
4 четвертий блок
5 п'ятий блок
6 шостий блок відгуки
7 сьомий блок як книга допоможе
8 group 12

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