Case SERM No. 1 "From rags to riches"


Remove negativity from the TOP-10 from competitors in terms of brand and reputation queries. Bring real information and customer reviews to the TOP

SERM Case #1

  • Analysis of the brief filled in by the customer;
  • Analysis of search results for brand and reputation queries;
  • Select resources with natural information about the company;
  • Determining the budget for the project;
  • Drafting a work plan for the customer’s budget and its approval;
  • Monthly withdrawal of issuance and sending reports to the customer;
  • Delivery of the project to the customer.

Acceptance of the SERM No. 1 project into work

This project came to me with a very neglected SERM situation. The TOP 10 included:
  • Resources that make money posting negatives;
  • Poor ratings on review sites;
  • The systematic placement of negative custom reviews;
  • In search results for keywords: “brand” “brand + reviews” sites with custom negative content are more common.

Screenshot of the issue of the SERM No. 1 project for brand and reputation queries before working on it

Скрин выдачи проекта SERM № 1 по брендовым и репутационным запросам

The result of work on the SERM project No. 1

Work on the project was carried out for about a year, since the situation was neglected and the client’s competitors invested a significant budget to block the issuance of tops with a negative.

The customer’s budget was also limited and the work was carried out pointwise, and not comprehensively.

During this time, we managed to achieve completely truthful positive results for brand and reputation queries, as well as:

  • The rating on TOP sites for key queries has increased to 4 – 4.5 stars;
  • The number of positive reviews from customers has increased with the issuance of buns to customers;
  • The number of negative reviews has decreased as negative reviews have been processed by the customer’s sales department and many custom negative reviews from competitors have been identified;
  • I also raised truthful articles about the company written by the resources themselves.

The customer is satisfied with the result of my work. For obvious reasons, I do not disclose the name of the company and who the client is.

Скрин выдачи проекта SERM № 1 после проведенных работ

Скрин выдачи проекта SERM № 1 после проведенных работ

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