Creating websites on Webflow for business

Webflow is a unique online service and SaaS platform that allows you to visually design website layouts with a convenient control panel, connecting beautiful domains. This engine differs from traditional designers with visual editors. Creating web resources requires knowledge of HTML and CSS, so a smart decision is to order a site on Webflow.

Cost of website development on Webflow:

from $300

Development time:

up to 30 days

Створення сайтів на Webflow

What is included in the initial cost of developing a site on Webflow?

The price includes:

  • Unique design;
  • Main pages of the site up to 5 (information about the company and services, contacts);
  • Modules: slider, photo or video gallery, blog with different headings, reviews about the company, interactive Google Maps map with the location of the company on the map;
  • Installation and configuration of online chat assistant or crisp;
  • Technical SEO optimization;
  • Connecting Google Analytics and adding to search;
  • Instruction on site administration 1-3 hours via ZOOM.

The development time and cost of the site mainly depends on the number of pages, the structure of the site, the set of functional modules, the time spent, the availability of ready-made content at the customer (texts, photos, videos, structure, pricing) and some nuances that may appear during work over the project.

Write to me to discuss the future of your project that can bring stable income or to upgrade an existing site to learn how to increase its conversion.

Order a website on Webflow with a cool design for your business of any direction

Webflow is a unique tool that allows you to create an arbitrary design “from scratch”. For this, developers are offered a special designer mode that helps shape the structure and layout styles of the graphic shell of the web resource. Also, Webflow sites are created using a visual editor for ease of working with standard blocks. In the designer mode, you can design the graphic part of pages of any degree of complexity, if you understand HTML and CSS.

If desired, you can order the creation of sites on Webflow with ready-made various templates (paid and free options are available). Most of them are adapted for computer and mobile platforms, so high-quality display on various devices is ensured.

In terms of design, Webflow is considered a professional machine with a huge reserve of power, thanks to which you can realize your imagination and include creativity. This is a kind of photoshop, but for web resources. To think through the design to the smallest detail, you can study examples of Webflow sites, emphasizing winning solutions.

List of functionalities – why you should prefer Webflow sites

Webflow has a complex control panel structure, so creating a website on Webflow requires certain knowledge and skills. The main part represents the designer mode, which creates the overall structure of web resources. The left sidebar is represented by elements and objects, and the right sidebar is represented by style properties that help customize the appearance, animations, effects, and more. Also, the right sidebar is needed to work with groups of elements. In the “Element trigger” option, options for element behavior are specified for certain user actions (loading the page, scrolling, hovering the mouse cursor).

The elements themselves are represented by widgets, the number of which can be compared to decent constructors in visual editors. At the same time, the Webflow site is distinguished by a wider range of options for settings and styles. This is how you can add:

  • sections;
  • containers;
  • block grids;
  • columns;
  • base blocks div.

At the same time, you can order a site on Webflow with various settings for positioning, styles, animation (layer, transparency, size, color, visible and hidden areas). Each widget can be supplemented:

  • links, lists;
  • buttons, lightboxes, sliders;
  • text elements;
  • graphics (video, pictures, animation);
  • navigation menu;
  • social network modules;
  • maps, etc.

The creation of sites on Webflow is carried out with attention to forms, which are collected in a separate section.

What Webflow sites can be created on the engine – the main features of blogs, online stores

In general, the functionality of the engine is sufficient to order a site on Webflow both with static pages (landing pages and business cards) and with dynamic content. In the CMS Collections section, you can design a full-fledged blog or online store. To add a product showcase, you should activate dynamic collections with the connection of the necessary modules, a shopping cart, etc. The number of products placed in the online store (as well as blog posts) depends on the selected tariff plan. At the same time, if you order the creation of a site on Webflow, you can use the convenient option of importing and exporting goods from an XML file.

There are a lot of settings and properties for adding products manually. For convenience, the search is carried out by price, date of publication, product status. You can choose from ready-made storefront, category, and shopping cart display templates. You can edit them to create your own layout if needed.

The blog module is also in CMS Collections. Collections can be created with specific sets of properties. Here you can also use structure blanks with self-filling of the necessary content. The module has everything you need:

  • adjusting the structure of specific records;
  • layouts for displaying posts;
  • possibility of changing the code;
  • setting up access to the blog by password;
  • adding RSS feeds, etc.

You can use a more convenient WYSIWYG editor with a pleasant interface for teaching records. It can also be used to edit products in the online store.

The main advantages for which it is worth ordering the creation of a website on Webflow

Ordering a site on Webflow is worth it primarily for the functionality of the engine. The service boasts a really good editor with a variety of settings and a relatively user-friendly interface. Also, the service is valued for ready-made templates, useful reference materials, and competent technical support. Other advantages of CMS include:

  • possibility of creating a blog or online store;
  • development of a complex adaptive web resource;
  • opening access to the API;
  • flexibility of working with groups of elements;
  • a cool toolkit that helps build complex shapes;
  • creating a backup copy of the project;
  • support for inserting your own codes;
  • availability of a simple visual editor in addition to the main designer;
  • customization of the mailing format;
  • integration of product showcases with social networks.

Order website creation on Webflow also stands for convenient tools for effective SEO promotion with a variety of settings. The system generates clean codes, which guarantees fast loading of pages.

Quality turnkey development services – where to order a website on Webflow in Ukraine at the best prices

Plans to order the creation of a site on Webflow: then I suggest using the services of Krakatets PRO. I have been creating sites on Webflow and other CMS systems for quite some time, offering clients multi-functional web resources with an attractive graphic design. You can order the Webflow site from me, the price of which is considered the most affordable on the Ukrainian market. The price of Webflow web resources depends on the following criteria:

  • scale of the project (number and type of sections);
  • main and secondary functions;
  • need to fill pages with unique content;
  • provision of other services.

You can study Webflow examples of sites in my portfolio, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the quality of services in advance. I use the remote mode of operation, which allows you to order the creation of a website on Webflow for residents of any region of Ukraine. If necessary, a personal meeting can be held in Odessa to discuss important details and nuances of the order.

While creating sites on Webflow, I also provide SEO optimization services. For promotion on the Internet, I use only “white” methods, guaranteeing clients high-quality promotion results. In the process of SEO optimization, I regularly provide customers with reports showing the dynamics of visits and other important parameters.

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What you will get as a result of ordering a website on Webflow

Any business needs a resource to present it online. And Webflow is the best solution for minimal investments, easy to administer and maintain.

Унікальний дизайн Krakatets pro
Unique design

We make sites with a unique design taking into account new trends in UX and UI, taking into account usability requirements, which better convert visitors into customers

Мировая поддержка
Advanced technologies

We use advanced and proven technologies to create sites that work for your business and are ready to work with a large flow of customers

Быстрая окупаемость
A tool for profit

We make sites that are as user-friendly as possible, so that the visitor can easily and simply order a service or product on the site and thereby remain satisfied, remember the sites to return to the site again and again to order

Would you like to order Webflow website development for your business?

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Stages of developing sites on Webflow for business

Ordering website development on Webflow for business is easier if you know the main stages of the service, how much money you will have to spend on a unique and effective website for business.

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

An analysis of the niche trend definition, working structures of pages and sites is carried out.

Аналіз конкурентів
Analysis of competitors

We conduct competitor analysis according to the customer and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer analysis

Analysis of the target audience for a clearer understanding of user behavior on sites of this niche and identification of the main triggers for user acquisition

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

A niche analysis is carried out to determine trends, working structures of pages and sites.

Аналіз конкурентів
Analysis of competitors

We analyze competitors in the opinion of the customer and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer Analysis

Analysis of the target audience to better understand user behavior on sites in this niche and identify the main triggers for user engagement

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the site pages and the structure of the site itself, elaboration of page links. Submit for customer approval

Дизайн сайту
Site design

Creating a website design based on a prototype and approval by the customer

Розробка сайту
Site creation

Site layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the site pages and the structure of the site itself, development of page links. Sending for approval to the customer

Дизайн сайту
Site design

Creating a site design based on a prototype and approval by the customer

Розробка сайту
Site creation

Site layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer

The cost of the Webflow site development service

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