Creating websites on Wix for business

Weblium is a unique engine that allows you to create stylish landing pages and multi-page web resources. You can also order a site on Weblium if you want to create your own blog or online store. For this, external plugins with specialized functionality are used. I propose to consider the features and advantages of CMS, for which it is worth choosing a Weblium site.

Cost of website development on Wix:

from $300

Development time:

up to 30 days

Створення сайтів на Wix

What is included in the initial cost of developing a site on Wix?

The price includes:
  • Unique design;
  • Main pages of the site up to 5 (information about the company and services, contacts);
  • Modules: slider, photo or video gallery, blog with different headings, reviews about the company, interactive Google Maps map with the location of the company on the map;
  • Installation and configuration of online chat assistant or crisp;
  • Connecting Google Analytics and adding to search;
  • Instruction on site administration 1-3 hours via ZOOM.

The development time and cost of the site mainly depends on the number of pages, the structure of the site, the set of functional modules, the time spent, the availability of ready-made content at the customer (texts, photos, videos, structure, pricing) and some nuances that may appear during work over the project.

Write to me to discuss the future of your project that can bring stable income or to upgrade an existing site to learn how to increase its conversion.

The main features and advantages of the constructor, thanks to which you can quickly and easily create a site on Wix

The web platform was created in 2006 using the multi-paradigm programming language Scala according to the freemium concept – it is possible to create a site on Wix at a price equal to zero, with a separate payment for useful improvements. This constructor is available in many languages ​​of the world: Russian, English, French, German, etc. By deciding to order a site on Wix, you can achieve effective self-expression, emphasize the characteristic features of any project.

If we consider the main advantages of the web platform, the following important points should be highlighted:

  • Versatility: at the request of the customer, I can create any type of site on Wix: business card, landing page, blog, forum, online store, corporate portal, etc.
  • High-quality graphic skin: a large number of templates are available to choose from, which are easily adapted to a specific project.
  • Ease of customization: if you decide to order a site on Wix from me, you will receive a web resource that meets the needs and nature of the business.
  • Affordability: as needed, you can create a site on Wix with a free rate (assumes free publication on the global network) or with the support of a large number of paid options.
  • Ranking: sites on Wix are indexed as easily as possible by Google and other search engines, which guarantees the convenience of SEO optimization and promotion of the web resource.
  • Linking to a domain: if you order a site on Wix, you definitely get a good domain name in the .ua, com, etc. zone.
  • Own SEO functionality: web resources created on this platform are easily promoted online thanks to built-in options.
  • Ease of integration: website development on Wix involves the connection of various metrics, social networks, etc.

The main disadvantage of the platform (like most other web designers) is the difficulty of work for inexperienced users. For this reason, it is advisable to order a Wix site from an experienced contractor such as Krakatets PRO.

The procedure for developing sites on Wix – step by step and description of the main stages

Developing a website on Wix is ​​a fairly easy process, but only if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. To create a modern and effective web resource, you need to do the following:

  1. Set project goals. After receiving an application for the creation of a site, I schedule a personal meeting or contact the customer online to determine the goals and objectives of the project, clarify expectations and the result the customer wants.
  2. Analyze the market, prepare a concept. At this stage, a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s niche is carried out, information about the company itself and competitors is collected, the advantages and strengths of the customer’s business are revealed. On the basis of this information, a concept is prepared, according to which you can create a site on Wix, the price of the project implementation.
  3. Select technical tools. Considering the features of the CMS designer, a detailed technical task for creating a web resource is being prepared.
  4. Develop a prototype. If you decide to order a Wix site from Krakatets PRO, then at the next stage, a schematic structure of the future site is built based on the technical capabilities of the CMS. The prototype allows you to visualize the result that should come out in the end. During prototyping, there is a need to make the necessary changes, adjust the structure, interface and other details. This eliminates complex and expensive editing at the later stages of project implementation.
  5. Prepare the design. With the help of the built-in functionality of the platform, layouts are created for pages of different categories of the site (main, informational, sales, contacts, etc.) and individual elements (banners, buttons, etc.), and if necessary, adjustments are made to coordinate the graphic shell with the customer.
  6. Directly create and fill a web resource with content. At this stage, the necessary modules and tools are connected to the CMS according to the parameters specified in the technical task. The design is also adjusted, the pages are filled with unique text and graphic information, taking into account the SEO optimization plan.
  7. Perform testing, launch the project. At the last stage, the finished web resource is checked for errors, the level of productivity and security, usability. The web resource is launched in the global network, and the finished project is transferred to the customer.

Professional website development services on Wix in Ukraine from experienced webmaster Yuriy Krakats

Do you want to order a site on Wix? Feel free to contact Krakatets PRO. I have extensive experience in the development of web resources of various types, topics and scales on various CMS systems. Thanks to the flexible pricing policy, I suggest creating a site on Wix, the price of which is the most attractive on the Ukrainian market. When using the Wix designer, the price of the site is largely determined by the scale of the project, the functionality used by the graphic shell.

You can order a site on Wix from me with pages filled with unique content and SEO promotion on the Internet, which is carried out using exclusively “white” methods. In the promotion process, I constantly provide customers with detailed reports with the main promotion parameters.

To order the creation of a site on Wix, call me or leave a request using the online form on this page.

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What you will get as a result of ordering a website on Wix

Any business needs a resource to present it online. And Wix is the best solution for minimal investments, easy to administer and maintain.

Унікальний дизайн Krakatets pro
Unique design

We make sites with a unique design taking into account new trends in UX and UI, taking into account usability requirements, which better convert visitors into customers

Мировая поддержка
Advanced technologies

We use advanced and proven technologies to create sites that work for your business and are ready to work with a large flow of customers

Быстрая окупаемость
A tool for profit

We make sites that are as user-friendly as possible, so that the visitor can easily and simply order a service or product on the site and thereby remain satisfied, remember the sites to return to the site again and again to order

Would you like to order Wix website development for your business?

Leave your contacts and we will make an individual site for your business for bias

Stages of developing sites on Wix for business

Ordering website development on Wix for business is easier if you know the main stages of the service, how much money you will have to spend on a unique and effective website for business.

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

An analysis of the niche trend definition, working structures of pages and sites is carried out.

Аналіз конкурентів
Analysis of competitors

We conduct competitor analysis according to the customer and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer analysis

Analysis of the target audience for a clearer understanding of user behavior on sites of this niche and identification of the main triggers for user acquisition

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

A niche analysis is carried out to determine trends, working structures of pages and sites.

Аналіз конкурентів
Analysis of competitors

We analyze competitors in the opinion of the customer and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer Analysis

Analysis of the target audience to better understand user behavior on sites in this niche and identify the main triggers for user engagement

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the site pages and the structure of the site itself, elaboration of page links. Submit for customer approval

Дизайн сайту
Site design

Creating a website design based on a prototype and approval by the customer

Розробка сайту
Site creation

Site layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the site pages and the structure of the site itself, development of page links. Sending for approval to the customer

Дизайн сайту
Site design

Creating a site design based on a prototype and approval by the customer

Розробка сайту
Site creation

Site layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer

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