Custom website development for business

Every business needs a representative in another region or country. A website is a representative of your business from the offline world to the online world with all the necessary information about your business, services, products, and goods constantly open to the visitor. Websites, like representatives, are different, the more experienced the representative, the more expensive it is.
If you order website development from us, you will get a high-quality website with a unique design that will attract customers to your business.

The price of developing a website for business:

from $300

Development time:

up to 30 days

Розробка сайтів на замовлення для бізнесу

What is included in the initial cost of developing a website for a business?

The price includes:

  • Unique design;
  • Main pages of the site up to 5 (information about the company and services, contacts);
  • Modules: slider, photo or video gallery, blog with different sections, company reviews, FAQ, multilingual module, interactive Google Maps with the company’s location on the map;
  • Installation and configuration of an online chat assistant or crisp;
  • Technical SEO optimization;
  • Domain, hosting and SSL certificate setup;
  • Installing the website on the hosting;
  • Connecting Google Analytics and adding to the search;
  • Instruction on site administration 1-3 hours per ZOOM.

The development time and cost of a website mainly depends on the number of pages, site structure, set of functional modules, time spent, availability of ready-made content (texts, photos, videos, structure, pricing), and some nuances that may appear during the project.
Contact me to discuss the future of your project, which will be able to generate a steady income, or to upgrade your existing website to learn how to increase its conversion.

Where to order website development

I suggest ordering a website for every business representative to optimize it, build a positive reputation and a good customer flow. The main goal is to increase sales, not just to attract visitors with an attractive design, but to convert them into regular customers.

Custom website development: types of business and creation of Internet resources for them

Every company needs to order a website from a web studio. The size of the organization, the niche in which it operates, and its main tasks play a role in its development.


I suggest that start-up businessmen order website development from me to test their products. Usually, at the initial stage, there is no understanding of the target audience, and the business processes themselves are not streamlined. I have a flexible approach to solving any problem and will create a non-standard attractive landing page, so you can safely order the development of a website for your request. If this is a new niche, I will study it thoroughly. Creativity and simplicity will allow you to attract more visitors and turn them into customers. For new companies with a small budget, this is important in a highly competitive market to ensure an adequate level of income. Therefore, I suggest ordering the development of a website with a unique design.

Small business

For small businesses, large customers are important to generate a high level of income. And to get what you want, you need to create a well-known brand and earn trust. Order the development of a website with a modern, attractive design that will invisibly encourage visitors to take action – to buy services or goods. It is important to attract and then interest them.

Medium business

For medium-sized businesses, you will need more functionality and a more complex website structure so that it plays not only a selling role but also informs customers about the product. You can order a website in my web studio that will fully reveal the corporate identity of your company. The navigation of a corporate website is of great importance. It should be comfortable to use and understandable so that visitors do not want to leave the page.

Big business

This kind of business usually covers several areas and operates in different niches. For this reason, I suggest not only ordering a high-quality business website, but also creating several landing pages for each area of activity.

If the company has several branches, you can use:

  • subdomains,
  • geolandings.

This is convenient for visitors who receive contact information related to their location and can easily reach the organization’s representatives. It is enough to order a website, the price of which will pay off in a short time.

I recommend creating a multilingual website if you plan to scale. This will allow visitors from different countries to see pages in a language they are familiar with, and the resource itself will be able to promote itself according to foreign requests, including those from abroad. If you need to develop a website to order, the price varies depending on its complexity, and multilingualism does not play a big role in this case.

Why it’s dangerous to create a website based on templates on your own and why it’s better to order a high-quality website from a specialist

On the Internet today, you can create a website yourself using templates. You just need to replace the text and set up your domain. It is cheap and allows you to launch a resource quickly, but this solution has many disadvantages, so it is better to order a website from a professional web studio. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of the builders.


The templates are available to all users, so by using them, you get a website with the same design as thousands and millions of other resources.


If you want to form your own style and create a brand, you need to order the development of a website from a specialist individually for your own goals and objectives. It is impossible to do this using templates, which means that you will not be able to express your image. It is the image that allows you to win customer loyalty and trust, and stand out from the competition.


In today’s world, everything is changing at a rapid pace. To separate yourself from the crowd, you need to create something new. Existing designs are often copied by competitors, and to stay on the wave, you need to come up with something of your own that hasn’t been used before. Using ready-made templates, it is impossible to keep up with the times, let alone preserve your individuality. This can be done by ordering a website at a price that is favorable and quickly pays off.

SEO promotion

Modern search engines are constantly improving, they perfectly distinguish between templates and unique designs, so if you order a website that sells for business, you can promote it easier and faster. And this means an increase in customers and sales. In addition, you need to know that template developers invisibly embed third-party codes in ready-made solutions, which increases the link mass of their sites and slows down the ranking of your resource.


When purchasing a ready-made template design, it is important to find out who owns it and whether it can be modified and translated into other languages. The copyright holder may take legal action for copyright infringement, as not all solutions are allowed to be adapted and modified. And you will have to spend money, in which case it is better to order the creation of a website right away – you can check the prices with a specialist.

Custom website development: what does the creation process consist of and what role do the components play

I create selling websites in stages. Each stage is important and plays a role in creating a high-quality resource. Let’s consider them separately.

Competitor analysis

Custom website development involves market and competitor research. The goal is to study and find the most effective techniques and functions that will allow you to successfully sell your product. It is also important to analyze and understand the needs of the target audience in order to make a competent offer. Therefore, you can order a high-quality website from me that will work.

Drawing up of technical specifications

This process can only be based on detailed and comprehensive information provided by the customer. This is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project and its further promotion. If you have decided to order a website for your business, you need to know what you need to know to create a technical specification:

  • about the company’s services, values, and history;
  • about the benefits of services or products;
  • what should be the main sections on the website.


At the initial stages of developing a custom website, I demonstrate to the client how their resource will look like using interactive prototyping. This allows me to correct all mistakes and adjust the structure if the client does not like it during the creation process.


I will structure the resource competently, which allows you to clearly and orderly arrange its pages according to a pre-designed scheme. Before ordering a website for business from me, you need to provide all the information that is important for work. The structure is also called a hierarchy, it makes it possible to determine the number of pages, understand how quickly the visitor can find the information he needs and move from one page to another. That is why it is important to order a website that includes all the necessary services, including competent structuring of resources.


When ordering a website, you need to understand what the appearance should be. I create a design based on the specifics of the resource, the features of the services and goods sold. If a resource is dedicated to the construction industry, its design should be fully consistent with it, and even be attractive to the target audience. Therefore, it is important to know their needs and what attracts them from the outside. You can order the development of a website of any format. To get the necessary information, I study it carefully:

  • the market itself;
  • business features;
  • competitors, their strengths and weaknesses;
  • consumer demands.

Filling and appearance

The content of a website is no less important than its design. To order website development at a favorable price, it is better to choose all services in one place along with content creation. First of all, I focus on the content, as it dictates many actions during development. The appearance and structure of the resource are developed after the customer approves the content – it determines the form.

Website layout and delivery to the customer

By offering to order website development, I give you the opportunity to get a unique resource. First, I create a design layout and illustrations, then I make the page layout, integrate widgets, payment methods, and a CRM system. After that, the site is tested and connected to the domain. The obtained output data is transferred to the client, who, after the launch, will be able to administer the pages on their own. I teach them how to do it correctly.

What types of websites for business can be ordered: the role and purpose of each type, its advantages and features

I propose to order the creation of a website at a comfortable and quick payback price of different types. Let’s consider the main types.

Landing Page

It is a one-page resource that attracts the audience to the main website. Its development can be a great opportunity to promote a new product or service online. The page usually contains important information about the product, motivating visitors to buy, so you can order a website of this format and it will sell.

A one-page contains the following blocks:

  • basic information about the product;
  • advantages of the product;
  • product discussion;
  • working hours;
  • certificates, etc.

Prices for custom website development may vary depending on the blocks. But the main goal of development is to reveal the advantages of the proposed product. Promotions are often published on the page to attract the audience even more.

Business card website

I recommend this resource for those who want to create a virtual presentation of their company on the web. I suggest ordering a selling website from me, which will contain several pages that present important information about the business, company, products, services, and prices. They provide feedback contacts. This is enough to place an order.

Corporate website

The resource is needed to create a company’s image, present it, and advertise products and services. You can order a responsive website for business that will be displayed correctly on any gadget and effectively demonstrate all the advantages of the products. This will maximize the attention of people, especially since such a resource does not contain unnecessary information. The whole emphasis is on the uniqueness of the design, professional photos, animation, and high-quality content. The site looks bright and natural, with products presented in a naturalistic way, as if they were real. Such sites also have countdown timers that encourage visitors to buy products at a favorable price.

Online store

Ordering the development of a website for an online store will be more expensive because such a resource has the most complex structure compared to other types. It presents a lot of different products divided into categories and catalogs. There are functions of adding to the cart and payment. That is why we are developing separate functionality. To make visitors feel comfortable using the store’s services, everyone can create their own account, where they can keep track of orders, bonuses, promotions, new products, etc.

Advantages of working with me for those companies and entrepreneurs who want to order website development

If you decide to order a website at a favorable price, don’t hesitate to contact me!

  • I offer an individual approach to each client, studying their wishes and market opportunities in detail.
  • I am interested in the success of the resource I receive, because it is beneficial not only to the client. To get what I want, I use all the modern, effective methods that I am fluent in.
  • I am always in touch with the client, presenting them with a report on the work done, showing them the results obtained, and agreeing on each stage.

I do not copy someone else’s design, but create the best one for each specific case, taking into account the specifics of the business. Each of my projects is unique and perfect, carefully thought out and harmonious. I create corporate identity with skill and hit the mark!

To contact me, fill out the feedback form or give me a call! I will analyze your request individually and create a resource that will reflect the peculiarities of your business and sell your goods and services with high quality!

Розробка сайтів на замовлення види бізнесу та створення інтернет-ресурсів під них

What you will get as a result of ordering website development

Any business needs a resource to represent it on the Internet.

Унікальний дизайн Krakatets pro
Unique design

We create websites with a unique design, taking into account new trends in UX and UI, taking into account usability requirements, which will better convert visitors into customers.

Передові технології Krakatets PRO
Advanced technologies

We use advanced and proven technologies to create websites that work for your business and are ready to handle a large flow of customers.

Інструмент для прибутку Krakatets PRO
A tool for profit

We create websites that are as user-friendly as possible so that visitors can easily and simply order a service or product on the site and thus be satisfied, remember the site and return to the site again and again to order.

Do you want to order website development for your business?

Leave your contacts and we will create an individual website for your business for profitability.

Stages of website development for business

It is easier to order website development for business if you know the main stages of the service and how much money you will have to spend on a unique and effective website for business.

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

We analyze the niche to identify trends and working page and website structures.

Аналіз конкурентів
Competitor analysis

We analyze competitors according to the customer’s opinion and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer analysis

Analyze the target audience to better understand user behavior on websites in this niche and identify the main triggers for capturing users’ attention.

Аналіз ніші
Niche analysis

A niche analysis is carried out to determine trends, working structures of pages and sites

Аналіз конкурентів
Analysis of competitors

We conduct competitor analysis according to the customer and the main players in the niche.

Аналіз клієнтів
Customer analysis

Analysis of the target audience for a clearer understanding of user behavior on the sites of this niche and identification of the main triggers to capture the attention of users

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the site pages and the structure of the site itself, development of page links. Sending for approval to the customer

Дизайн сайту
Site design

Creating a site design based on a prototype and approval by the customer

Розробка сайту
Site development

Site layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer

Розробка прототипа
Prototype development

Creation of a prototype of the website pages and the structure of the website itself, development of page links. Sending it to the customer for approval.

Дизайн сайту
Website design

Creation of a website design based on a prototype and approval by the customer.

Розробка сайту
Website development

Website layout and layout on CMS or layout on Page Builder. And delivery of the project to the customer.

Order website development for business

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