Yuriy Krakatets

SEO, SERM, ORM Specialist, Marketer, SMM Specialist

Services: SEO, SERM, Website Design and Development. I help in promoting a business on the Internet and advise on these issues.
Since 24 February 2022, when russia attacked my home country Ukraine – a sovereign country, I quit cooperation with the customers and partners from the aggressor country who did not support Ukraine and did not renounce russian citizenship. And in the future I am not going to provide services to citizens of russia. Slava Ukraine!
ЮРИЙ КРАКАТЕЦ - SEO-специалист, Маркетолог, SMM-щик
Who am I and what do I do

My name is Yuriy Krakatets, I am ready to help you in your business and offer advice on business promotion.

I am a Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Marketer, SMM Specialist. I have been in internet marketing for over 8 years.

I specialize in computer systems and networks maintenance. My first job was not at all related to marketing and not even to the main specialty.

But I quickly came to my senses, began to develop in the creation of sites, studied design and SEO. Freelance in these areas.

Having moved to Odessa, I got married and in connection with the imminent birth of my son, I decided to get a job in the company. And just a couple of days later I successfully interviewed for a large international advertising company with a representative office in Odessa, where I have been the head of the “SEO, PR and Reputation” department for 3 years now. During this time, my knowledge has expanded towards SMM, targeted and contextual advertising. The company is focused on Ukraine, Europe and the USA, so cases are mainly for Google, but we also promote Yandex.

Since Google and Yandex are doing everything so that people order contextual advertising from them and remove organic search results from the first screen, I recommend everyone to promote a business using integrated marketing methods to promote and attract customers.

I recently discovered the “Investing” tool for myself and am actively developing in it. I invest in different projects and get a good passive income.

I develop in different directions, but my main vector is Internet marketing.

I will be happy to develop a marketing promotion plan for you and your business and answer your questions about promoting a business on the Internet.

ЮРИЙ КРАКАТЕЦ - SEO-специалист, Маркетолог, SMM-щик

If you have questions about promoting your business online,
I will gladly answer them and help you!

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    Business promotion on the Internet

    Many people have realized that it is better to have their own business and work for themselves. Having opened a business, you need to promote it to the masses, and for this, first of all, you need a website. Creating your own online resource is half the battle. It still needs to be promoted online. It is quite difficult to do this on your own, so a consultation on website promotion comes to the rescue. It is better to order it from real pros who offer high-level assistance and are ready to accompany the client at all stages of promotion.

    Types of advertising and how consultation on website promotion will help

    Advertising today has reached perfection, in various ways people are trying to convey themselves to the general public. Each has its pros and cons, bringing in a large number of potential customers.

    Banner or display advertising

    It forms the image of the project, my consultation on website promotion will tell you about this. In fact, the very concept of “image” is ambiguous, it has been formed over the years and cannot be immediately assessed by people. As a rule, it is placed on thematic resources, in Yandex search engines and covers a wide range of audience. This way you can advertise mass events, popular brands, services and consumer goods. It has its own characteristics and advantages, which the marketing consultation will also tell you about, among them it is worth noting the following:

    • a visual image is an important advantage over other types of advertising on the Internet;
    • relatively low cost;
    • low requirements for human and time resources.

    Contextual advertising

    It is based on thematic queries that people use to search for information on the web. The main search engines, of course, are Google and Yandex. The marketing consultation I ordered will help you understand all the intricacies of how the search engine works, and therefore, know what keywords you need to use in the content so that it is displayed at the top.

    This type of advertising has its advantages, you can control many things, for example:

    • choose the audience of only those regions that you are interested in;
    • quickly set up the system;
    • use an unlimited number of keywords;
    • you can get clear statistics of key phrases.

    Here, the advice of an SEO specialist, which I will provide you at a high level, will be indispensable. Among other advantages, it is worth noting the relatively low cost and a fixed budget for advertising.

    Thematic portals

    This type of advertising has a PR direction. An Internet marketer’s consultation will tell you that the constant publication of your products and novelties in the media, magazines, newspapers, etc. has its impact on the audience. People begin to see in the company a brand that has long been familiar, and therefore, they begin to trust. My seo consultations will allow you to correctly compose texts. One way or another, people search for a lot on the Internet through queries that interest them. If you constantly publish in a cool magazine or on a portal where there are a lot of people, then they begin to recognize you. As a result, you create the necessary impression and already have a certain impact on people’s perception. In addition, each portal has a thematic focus, sometimes narrow. Professional seo consultations on website promotion will allow you to choose those resources whose audience is suitable for your products and services.

    Types of advertising and how consultation on website promotion will help

    The best option is to promote the site in a complex way, that is, using all existing options, which you will learn about by ordering consultations on Internet promotion from me. Trying to do something on your own is more likely to fail. To do this, you need to know all the secrets and subtleties of the work of search engines. But not only them. In many respects, the consultation of a marketer is based on psychological aspects. People’s thinking is built in a certain way, how they see and perceive information. Based on this, the entire promotion strategy is also built. High-quality seo consultations, joint and thoughtful work on the site will give a positive development. Do not rush and choose easy ways, it is better to slowly and confidently move towards the goal. If you have organized your own business, then the help of specialists is inevitable, and online seo consultation will give you the opportunity to get valuable information through the network without wasting time. High-quality Internet marketing advice from me will allow you to quickly get to the top ranks in search engines, attract a huge number of potential and real customers, a wide audience, subscribers, advertise your business well on the network and receive excellent income.

    KRAKATETS.PRO: prices for services to promote a company or personal brand on the Internet

    Internet promotion services Price
    Online promotion advice $100/hour
    Project management, project team consulting $500/month
    Website design development from $100
    Creating a business card website for a company from $300
    Creating a landing page for traffic for contextual and targeted advertising from $300
    Creation of a corporate website of the company from $500
    Creation of an online store from $800
    SEO audit of a website for promotion on the Internet from $200
    Collecting a semantic core for website optimization and promotion from $300
    Full internal SEO-optimization of the site from $800
    Comprehensive website promotion in search engines from $800/month
    ORM – increasing the reputation of a company on the Internet (brand, company) from $800/month
    SERM – online reputation management (brand, company) from $600/month
    If you need marketing advice, the price of my services will pleasantly surprise you! You can contact me using the given contacts.