Case TOPUP №2 technical and SEO error correction


Find and fix errors that hinder the promotion of the site to the top. Increase traffic to your site from organic search.


  • Analysis of the brief filled in by the customer;
  • Analysis of the semantic core of the site and its refinement;
  • Take site positions by keyword phrases;
  • SEO and technical audit of the site;
  • Build a Troubleshooter’s TA;
  • Creating a copywriting tool for editing and optimizing text on the site;
  • Optimize site backlinks
  • Check for fixes from programmers and copywriters;
  • Removing site positions;
  • Traffic Monitoring;
  • Delivery of the project to the customer.

Results on the case TOPUP №2 correction of technical and SEO errors

The project came to me with technical problems and not SEO-optimized, with a lot of text without semantics. The programmers fixed technical issues with my TOR, collected semantics, rewrote, uniqueized, and optimized text with a copywriter. With external optimization thrown in disallow spam and low quality links, given that the links were few, they were very harmful.

Visit and conversion on the case TOPUP №2

After correcting all identified problems and errors, the situation regarding positions and traffic changed for the better. The result of the work was presented to the customer and the customer was satisfied. The results of traffic growth are presented from the Google Analytics service.

Кейс TOPUP №2 виправлення технічних та SEO помилок

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