TOPUP project No. 1 content promotion with a small budget for a link


Bring the site to the TOP-3 for all approved conversion requests, based on the customer’s allocated budget

TOP UP project No. 1

  • Analysis of the brief filled in by the customer;
  • Analysis of keywords provided by the customer;
  • Competitor analysis in Google search results, GEO: Ukraine;
  • Compilation of the semantic core of the site based on the keywords provided by the customer and analysis of the client’s direct competitors;
  • Refining the site structure based on the semantic core;
  • Compilation of terms of reference for copywriters;
  • Compilation of the main meta tags and site page tags;
  • Working out linking between promoted pages and blog articles;
  • Submitting the site for indexing by Google;
  • Smooth build-up of natural link mass;
  • Monthly reports to the client.

Results for the TOPUP project No. 1 content promotion with a small budget for the link

The project arrived “empty” (completely without SEO-optimized content). I assembled the semantic core, distributed requests for conversion and information. Conversion went to promoted pages, information – to articles in the blog. The structure of the site was finalized, technical problems on the site that hindered the promotion were fixed. We placed SEO-optimized text on all the necessary pages and started blogging with posting articles. Made a complete relinking between promoted pages. After all these steps, the site was sent for a complete re-indexing. It turns out that the site was SEO-optimized.

Based on the client’s budget and competitor analysis, we developed a link promotion strategy and started building up the link mass.

Due to the small budget, the desired result for the client was achieved in a year of work on the project in a medium-competitive niche.

Visit and conversion on the TOPUP project No. 1

Upon achievement of results that satisfy the customer, the indicators for the entire period of work are presented in the picture below. Data from Google Analytics.

Кейс TOPUP № 1 контентное продвижение с малым бюджетом на ссылочную

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