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Get into the TOP-3 for high-frequency conversion queries in a competitive niche

  • Analysis of the brief filled in by the customer;
  • Analysis of keywords provided by the customer;
  • Analysis of competitors in Google search results, GEO: Odessa;
  • Compilation of the semantic core of the site based on the keywords provided by the customer and analysis of the client’s direct competitors;
  • Grouping keywords;
  • Refinement of the site structure based on the semantic core;
  • Installing the Google Analytics code and adding the site to Google Search Console;
  • Preparation of terms of reference for copywriters;
  • Compilation of the main meta tags and tags of the site pages;
  • Placement of optimized text on the site;
  • Sending the site for indexing in Google;
  • Adding a company to Google Maps.

Collection of the semantic core in the Key Collector for the site Avariyka24x7

During the first month of work, the search results for competitors were analyzed, the semantic core (SN) of the site was assembled, consisting of 465 conversion requests, the site structure was finalized, at the request of the client, to further expand the services on the site. Terms of reference (TOR) were written for copywriters with the study of the main tags (H1-H3), the main meta tags (title, description) of all promoted pages of the site were compiled. Selected photo content for SEO-optimized text. All SEO text was posted on the site.

Сбор семантического ядра в Key Collector для сайта Аварийка24х7
выдача до продвижения аварийки

Issuance before external SEO-optimization of the site for high-frequency key queries

After the entire site was indexed with SEO-optimized content, it began to take positions in the TOP-20 for low-frequency and some mid-frequency key queries (phrases).

Added a company to Google My Business and optimized the company card in the service

I had to wait a month for a response from Google, but it was worth it. After optimizing the company’s card in the service, it began to take first positions in the search results in the Google Maps block and on the city maps themselves.

Добавление компании в Google Мой Бизнес и оптимизация карточки компании в сервисе
Ссылочная масса за 6 месяцев продвижения аварийка 24х7

Growth of reference mass during the promotion of the site of the company Avariyka 24x7

Due to the specifics of the topic and niche, as well as a limited budget, a combined link building strategy was used to achieve the fastest effect, which gave very good results.

The final result regarding the positions of SEO-promotion of the site:

The site pages are in the TOP-3 Google (Odesa, Ukraine) for all conversion queries and the site is in the TOP-1 for 152 queries, TOP-3 for 156 queries, TOP-5 for 129 queries, TOP-10 for 320 queries.

Количество ключевых запросов во ТОПе Google

Visiting and conversion of the site Accident 24x7

At the end of the season, after achieving the results of the indicators that satisfy the customer, they appear as in the pictures. Data from Google Analytics.

Посещение и конверсия сайта аварийка 24х7 Google Analytics

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