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Quality donors for the link mass and where to get them

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Friends, today I will tell you about quality donor sites and, most importantly, where to get them.

Each site has certain parameters that are important for SEO, the so-called puzomerki. And the better these puzomerki, the higher the quality of the site, but this is not accurate 😁

And no, I’m not kidding! Since there are sites whose puzomerki are just perfect (well, almost all), but there is no traffic to the site, a lot of advertising from Google AdSense or Yandex, the text is generated (not particularly readable) and there is content of a different topic from the site’s theme. What can this tell us, huh?

Right! 😁 The site was created to sell links, and when a not very experienced SEO specialist works with large volumes of links, he may not pay attention to this and buy a link on such a resource.

And as a rule, the link weight that the promoted site will receive from such a donor is not worth that kind of money. Therefore, no matter what services you use to check donors, you still need to check with pens.

And now about the puzomerki. We use:

  1. FastTrust/CheckTrust;
  2. Ahrefs;
  3. SerpStat

(and so that stones do not fly at me, I immediately warn you that they are all paid and the prices are worthy, but CheckTrust is cheap (checking one resource = 1r.)).

Normal Donor Puzomerki:

  • Trust > 50;
  • Spam < 10;
  • Citation Flow (CF) > 16;
  • Trust Flow (TF) > 16;
  • UR and DR by achrefs must be > 20;
  • SerpStat visibility > 1, total traffic > 2000, and a large number of key phrases;
  • There must be more incoming unique domains than outgoing ones;
  • There should be approximately the same number of indexed pages in Google and Yandex;
  • There must be good traffic to the site;
  • And of course, then we check everything with pens 😉

Now, where to get donors for the link mass:

  • Outreach – look for the sites themselves, check them and negotiate with them directly;
  • Miralinks – links exchange. Links are placed on new pages in an article written for your topic, according to your TOR, or they can place yours if you have already written it, or you can order writing in the service itself, there is such a function / The best exchange in my subjective opinion 😉;
  • Collaborator – a young stock exchange also with article promotion, good selection of donors;
  • Webartex – a young exchange, also of article promotion, strict selection of donors;
  • PRNews – multiregional and multilingual article placement exchange.

I think everything is clear or there are questions?

Save the post with puzomerki to bookmarks so as not to lose 😉

Write in the comments which exchanges you worked with. Let’s determine the best one.

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