Запуск бізнесу з мінімальним бюджетом

Starting a business with a minimal budget

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Is it possible to start any online business and promote it with a minimal budget?

Let’s look into this issue. We immediately determine that for different niches the minimum budget is also different. Even, for example, for a targetologist who launches advertising on Instagram and Facebook, there must be a minimum budget, and it is also different for different targetologists. If a targetologist only knows how to run ads, then he needs a larger budget than someone who knows how to create creatives for advertising, professionally designs his page on Instagram or Facebook, knows how to write juicy messages, shoot stock, and so on.

There is such a good model for starting any business – MPV. It is used by all successful businessmen at the beginning of their business launch, in order to test a niche as less, and as much as possible to launch a business with a minimum budget so that the business feeds itself at the beginning of the journey, because money must work.

Let’s figure out what an MVP is, how to apply it when starting a business, and perhaps copies of it to all niches?

MPV is a Minimal Viable Product (minimum viable product) that can already generate income at the start. In more detail, this is a test or working version of a product, service or service with a minimum set of functions, sometimes even one that is of value to the user for whom this product was developed or launched.

Simple examples: 1. I want a beauty salon, but I just finished manicure courses; 2. I want a large network of complex car services, but I can only repair engines for some car brands. There are many such examples, the most basic of which can be taken out that you need to start small, divide the big goal (goal) into small stages (tasks) and fulfill them.

Launched a business with one service, make a profit, then add more services and scale the business.

In the 21st century, I don’t even consider promoting an offline business, because even for an offline grocery store, word of mouth can lead to failure to even reach self-sufficiency and products may deteriorate and the business will end. Of course, there are different offline marketing tricks, but… Another thing is that it would be more efficient to launch targeted advertising at the point of the store for the target audience that lives there within walking distance of a maximum of 15 minutes on foot to the store.

Burn the chip😸

So let’s look at the example of a girl – the owner of a large network of beauty salons, but this is in the future.

Everyone will now think that they need to make a page on Instagram, post their legs, how she does manicures beautifully, show the page to your friends, take your friends for a free service and so that they then make a response and advertise the services of this craftswoman on their pages. Yes, this is desperation word of mouth on Instagram. I burned the schematic again 🙀😸😸

And now we are simulating the situation – this girl has promoted this business (a page in insti), she has reached a good income. insta… and what happened to her business, profits and already established happy life? Everything went in … and she went from brunette to blonde naturally 😁

Or somehow a girl (no longer with rashka 🤮), already when she promoted her insta, violated the rules of instagram or a competitor (s) poured bots on her page, the coverage fell, posts and sideways are not shown to subscribers, in a word, the account is in the bath and in the ass…

I’m not saying that the institute does not need to develop business! Still as it should, but in a complex way on the Internet and using all the tools ☝️

The correct sequence and stages of starting a business with a minimum budget:

    1. We make a business page on FB, link it to the working page of insta, make an easy start site and launch it on Google, it is also desirable to start a YouTube channel.
    2. We fill all the tools (page in insti, fb, website) with good taste content, we design it beautifully. Content can be duplicated on different tools, but only unique text is needed.
    3. In Instagram and Facebook, we put a link in the description of the page and profile to your site.
    4. Be sure to add the Pixel from Facebook and analytics from Google to the site.
    5. We place our services on all free bulletin boards in your city and put links to your site.
    6. We add our business to Google maps and maps of your city, if it can be done without cost, or later if it is paid and you have a budget for it.
    7. We sit and wait for customers! Yeah… now they have already come running 😸 But it can already give some fruits of this work. BUT THIS IS ONLY A GRAIN WHICH WILL BE BIG YIELD WITH GOOD CARE.
    8. If there is already a budget, then we launch contextual and display advertising on the site (in search of the warmest audience when they came there with the specific purpose of purchasing something)
      1. We maintain a list of clients (we collect contact information – phone number, name. This is enough). We divide the profit so that the funds are not advertising costs.
      2. We collect written or video reviews without fail. You can offer some goodies on your next order.
      3. Putting reviews in your tools
      4. We set up and launch retargeting on Facebook and Instagram so that the client can get out of these tools cheaper.
    9. And if there is no budget for advertising, then word of mouth from acquaintances.
      1. Collecting the advertising budget.
      2. Go to step 8 😸
    10. If in the future there is a desire to get free customers from Google search, then at stage 8 we also lay a budget for SEO-promotion of the site.

I think that after such a manual, I am worthy of a donation😸

To donate a couple of hryvnias to me, you can click on the yellow button with a cup of coffee on the left 😸

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